Friday, March 3, 2017

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Department of Foreign Affairs Branch in Bacolod and How To Process Passport with them

There are many branches to have your passport made in the Philippines if you are a Filipino citizen. One of these is in Bacolod City. But how can you process your passport and locate Department of Foreign Affairs' Bacolod branch?

Where is the Department of Foreign Affairs passport processing in Bacolod?

Located at the 3rd floor of Robinsons Place Mall Bacolod, Barangay Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

What is their office hours?

It is open from 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays, no noon break.

How to get there?

If you are coming from:


1. Ride a taxi.
2. Ride a jeepney.

Just say that you are heading to Robinsons Place Mall. It is a popular mall in Bacolod.

Steps in processing your passport

  1. Book an appointment online through this link. It is a must in any branches of DFA!
  2. Follow what is written online. This is to avoid problems as this is an important identification of yourself in and out of the Philippines.
  3. Go to the branch that you have inputted, in this case, Bacolod on the scheduled date and earlier than the scheduled time.
  4. Follow the steps.
  5. Optional. Make your passport be delivered right at your doorsteps through LBC just inside the DFA office.

How much is the processing in each type?

For First time passport applicants:

Regular Processing (15 working days): P950.00


Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

For Renewal of passport applicants:

Regular Processing (15 working days): P950.00


Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

For Replacement of a lost expired passport:

Regular Processing (15 working days): P950.00


Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

For Replacement of a lost valid passport:

Regular Processing (15 working days): P950.00


Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

Please take note that there is an additional fee of P200.00 for a lost valid MRRP / MRP or P350.00 for a lost valid e-passport.

Optional service (shipping your passport)

LBC branch inside the DFA office provides you the service of delivering your passport to your house or anywhere you are. Fee depends on the location.


If you are like me who travelled from Cebu to Bacolod and you have a work or need to get back the next day, follow these steps.:

1. Check the bus, ship or plane schedules ( the last trip for example). This will help you manage your time.
2. Be in the site (DFA branch) early. This can make you negotiate to the guard or the staff inside. In my case, the guards were the ones who helped me finished it quicker than the people lining up. I really needed to get back to Cebu, and I said the last bus trip in going back.
3. Photocopy your documents that are necessary. This is to avoid delay and hassles of finding a machine (though they have one inside)

For more information, you may contact them to these details:

Tel. No.: +63 (34) 441 2681; 441 2675


If you need to get your Philippine Statistics Authority or PSA requirements (birth, marriage, death or CENOMAR certificates), you might want to check out how to make those be delivered at your doorstep.

If you want to stay overnight to hotels near DFA-Bacolod in Robinsons Place, also check this link.

Thanks a lot for reading this post!

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  1. I will renew my passport there as well. How was it?

    1. Hi! I booked online first for the appointment. I travelled from Cebu to Bacolod.. so I checked all the bus and ship or flight schedules in heading back home because I needed to go back the next day as I had a work. So that I could negotiate to the people inside even though there was a queue. I went there earlier than my scheduled time then I asked the security guards to allow me. It was faster as they were accommodating to people like me who really needs to catch up the last bus trip. You need to prepare all your documents and photocopy it so that you are good to go when your name will be called. LBC branch is also in there in case you would want to deliver it right at the front of your house. Good luck!

  2. Posstal ID, TIN ID, and Philhealth ID are no longer accepted for passport application purposes...